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DIY Photo Tent: Ideas

In Photography on November 2, 2010 at 10:06 am

We all heard of how useful a photo tent is to take pictures of small items. I was looking to see one. I came across some useful websites to make one of your own.
I found one at Photography
They used a cardboard box, bristol boards and some muslin cloth to create one. I tried with some cereal boxes and it was not that great. It was not looking good at all. I have to blame my abilities.
I found another one using CPVC pipes and things like that. It does not belong to my taste. (I knew, I need to get help from hubby to get the things and to assemble.Why bother, if I can find something easier?)
So I did more searches.
Thee is one Photo light tent available for $20 at Looks cool. But when I wish to get something, sometimes I wanted to get it yesterday!!!!
So I decided to go further. I found an interesting video on youtube. It is very nice and very inexpensive and the photo is taken using natural light.
mightyohm has explained an easy method in his blog. There is a collapsible light tent making tutorial is created by Jeffery Bail
Finally, I made one of my own from an Ikea storage bin. It was a beige one. I cut one side off. Then slide a bristol board in it, like the one they did in the cardboard box light tent. Covered the cut off side with a very thin polyester shawl I had.
I took one picture of the finished product.
I took a picture of a coaster using the tent.