Pink crochet flower

In Crochet on October 20, 2010 at 5:03 pm

I had much fun in crocheting these pink flowers.

There are so adorable and addictive. The pink thread is very shiny. I made a lot more than the 5 in the picture. They reminded me of the spring and newly bloomed flowers of spring.
i like pink and purple very much.
Sometime in the future, I may get a chance to combine the pink and purple.
Making crochet flowers is very fulfilling. I find them adorable and instantly satisfying. Considering the time it may take to finish a scarf or a blanket, they are very quick.
Thinking of crocheted flowers, the uses are almost endless. I used the flowers to update the look of my sweaters and blouses. Once I used a crocheted flower to make a greetings card. The recipient was very glad and she still has it.
The can be placed on a glass table to create a small display. I also think about framing some flowers to decorate my walls.


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